Slim fitted mermaid gown with a Victorian high neckline and sleeves. Entirely decorated with Swarovski crystals. Stardust Veil: Nude Swarovski covered veil

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Inez - Victorian Affinity - Galia Lahav
Inez - Victorian Affinity - Galia Lahav
Inez - Victorian Affinity - Galia Lahav

Introducing Our Couture Collection

Victorian Affinity

“Victorian Affinity” is inspired by the outstanding Victorian era in England and its parallel phase in France, “Le Belle Epoque”. These periods were characterized by changes and innovations in various fields, caused by the Industrial Revolution. The day to day atmosphere was recognized with optimism, and so we added our touch of romance and admiration to the feminine body. We dedicate this collection to Jeanne Margaine Lacroix, a designer that challenged the victorian style, in it’s era and, changed how we perceive femininity. You’ll find delicate textured laces, careful attention to details and colors like porcelain ivory, dusted silver, washed pinks and cream.

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