Romantic medieval dress made of several multi-textured fabrics and elaborate lace trims allowing drama and refinement to give the gown a gothic aesthetic.

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Introducing Our Couture Collection

Ivory Tower

A princess prepares to be united with her knight in shining armour, as he returns from a conquest in a far away land. She awaits him in their enchanted ivory tower, a gothic masterpiece made of captivating hand carved rose windows. Like her elegant and lustrous gowns, the tower embodies motifs of geometric harmony and ivory stone corridors. Mysterious hues such as dusty ivory and dewy blush fabrics project misty splashes of color shining through fields of immaculate tulle surrounding her delicate figure. The princess’s captivating gowns are decorated with beautiful floral embellishments, glistening hand-beaded crystals and textured laces.

Couture by Galia Lahav

What is a Couture dress?

Each dress in our Couture collections is designed to each bride’s exact measurements. Each and every premium European fabric we use, each embroidery, button and stitch our seamstresses make, conforms with the unparalleled standards we have introduced to the bridal industry. Thread after thread, bead after bead, a perfect form is crafted to provide a magical look for our princess brides.

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