Tiger Lily

Multi-layered skirt with a sheer “peek-a-boo ” section, lace paneling and a flowing tulle train. The back and sleeves are made from exquisite French lace.

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Introducing Our Couture Collection

Les Reves Bohemians

In Les Reves Bohemians, Galia Lahav created a world of bridal couture unlike any we have ever seen before- a universe where fantasy romance and bohemian fairy tales collide. Through the stories and fables of the past, Galia delves into our childhood dreams of eternal love and magic. It’s a mystical collection, as daring and adventurous as the heroes of the tales it draws its inspiration from, with phenomenal corsetry, intricate lace details, and enchanted tulle skirts. It’s both romantic and classic combined, but most of all it’s something new for the eye.

Couture by Galia Lahav

What is a Couture dress?

Each dress in our Couture collections is designed to each bride’s exact measurements. Each and every premium European fabric we use, each embroidery, button and stitch our seamstresses make, conforms with the unparalleled standards we have introduced to the bridal industry. Thread after thread, bead after bead, a perfect form is crafted to provide a magical look for our princess brides.

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