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2022, also dubbed the 'Year of Weddings', is set to break the record for the most weddings in the past 40 years, with the US alone expected to see over 2.6 million couples tie the knot this coming year! So here is what to expect and how to create a memorable day with the top wedding trends of 2022.


Weddings are expected to be not only bigger, but longer in 2022. The “Wedding Weekend” will consist of multiple events and is set to become the norm this year. Most importantly, this means so many more chances for ah-mazing outfits! From long to short, to beaded and embroidered to plain and simple, your “Wedding Weekend'” will have plenty of opportunities for every kind of look. 


Gone are the days of the minimalist muted tones; it is time to make way for brighter and bolder colors. Color will extend to your bridesmaid’s dresses, table centre pieces and color schemes for a more vibrant wedding day. This year, weddings are truly making a statement in every way possible. 


The idea of wearing more than one dress used to seem over-indulgent but in 2022 you are going to be seeing many, many more outfit changes mid-wedding. The most classic combo will be a classic gown with a long veil and train to kick off the day, then a quick change into a more form fitting gown for the reception and a little sparkly number will finish the night off in true party style!


Yep, you read that right! Themes are back in style, quite literally. With many weddings set to be themed with a dress code too (think 70’s disco). This year will be more focused on fun and playing on the idea of a traditional wedding to make YOUR day stand out, and for everyone to participate in together. Also, think about how cohesive and cute the pictures will be!


Brides are back and ready to make a statement. Gowns are going to be bolder and more innovative, combining fashion with bridal (a Galia Lahav specialty 😉). With daring brides opting for something with color or dramatic features and more subtle brides wearing a classic gown with a twist. You can choose to add a cape, cathedral train and dramatic oversized sleeves to your gowns to make your grand entrance one to remember.


Flowers. Everywhere. Whether they are hanging from the ceiling, climbing up the walls or covering the length of your tables, you’re going to be seeing a lot of technicolor florals in 2022. Again, this is the year of bold and going all out, and your floral arrangements should most certainly reflect this as well.

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Olivia F | January 13, 2022

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