Sparkly v-neck a-line dress with a voluminous skirt and long sleeves, entirely embroidered with Swarovski crystals to create an all-over stardust effect.

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Amaya- Long sleeve wedding dress
Amaya - Florence By Night - Galia Lahav

Introducing Our Couture Collection

Florence by Night

This season, we challenged ourselves to imagine how a scent could take on a life of its own – from dreamy, sweet smells, to floral notes, and even more androgynous musks. Florence by Night is rooted in the notion that no two women are alike, each requiring their own unique scent and style. A bride’s desire to express her individuality in her daily life with her scent, and through fashion on her wedding day, ushered in new approaches to gossamer tulles, fine laces, and intricate embroidery, woven into our interpretation of how the world of scents would come to life in this collection.

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